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Vision Statement for Rockabilly Radio

Updated 15/06/2021


Here at Rockabilly Radio, we are passionate about the rockin’ scene and all genres of its music.

Our goal is to play tracks by independent Rockabilly artists and bands and to include the genres of Jump-Blues, Western Swing, Doo-wop, Hillbilly, Rock ‘n Roll, and everything in between.

We aim to be a station where our DJ’s can achieve their full potential, play the music they enjoy, connect with like-minded people, and keep the music and lifestyle alive by introducing it to people who may have never heard these genres before.

Guiding Principles

We pride ourselves in being a globally inclusive station where everyone feels welcome to enjoy the music we provide. We are committed to providing something different and will invest whatever is required to make sure our station and affiliated apps are accessible for everyone. We will treat all individuals fairly and ensure every DJ has an equal opportunity to fulfill their full potential regardless of their individual circumstances. All of our listeners will get a fair deal, with everyone having access to our services and enjoying a good quality of audio no matter where they live.


Rockabilly Radio is a safe and vibrant community for everyone regardless of race, political opinion, or disability. We are against any and ALL forms of abuse, racism, and other discriminatory or extremist activities, either physically, verbally or digitally. Rockabilly Radio will not tolerate any form of discrimination within and/or surrounding our station. We fully recognise people have the right to their own opinion and the right of freedom of speech though we will not tolerate abuse of this right if it results in harming others. We promote vintage aesthetic, not vintage values.


We know that we are building on success. Rockabilly Radio is a station with a long-standing global recognition. It is the cutting edge station of the genres we play which continues to grow in listeners with a thriving hub of music, we are not however complacent; we know that the benefits of our success can be bettered and we are ever expanding and making changes to ensure we stay at the forefront of rockin’ music.


Our vision is to be a distinctive community of like-minded folks working and communicating with people all over the world to keep our genres of music and lifestyle recognised across the globe.


- Management team. Contact us at:

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