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We reserve the right to make changes to this Policy at any given time. We advise you to frequently visit this page to stay up to date with the way your information is processed.


The following Privacy Policy provides complete details about how we collect, receive and use your information. It’s important that you fully understand your relationship with us because, if you reside anywhere in the world outside of the European Union or the European Economic Area (“EU/EEA”), you agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy by listening to and/or any of our music streams.

 If you reside in the EU/EEA, please review the relevant Section carefully, in addition to the entire Privacy Policy, for information on specific options that apply to you.

We (and, sometimes, “us,”) meaning (and its affiliate sites) receive information from and about you in several ways:

  • You provide it to us directly such as when you email us or participate in a promotion,

  • We receive it from all of the devices you use to access our channels and from websites and services you may use to connect to us, and information we receive or collect from you directly

  • We receive it from collection technology such as beacons or cookies.

  • Rockabilly Radio makes every effort to ensure that the information we collect about you cannot be used to identify you personally, nor can it be used to spam or target you for viruses or other types of malware.


Rockabilly Radio (.net) makes every effort to ensure that the information third parties may collect about you in the course of rendering services to us cannot be used to identify you personally, nor can it be used to spam or target you for viruses or other types of malware, nor will they share any such information with other third parties.


Section 1


Required Information.

A) We request certain information including your email address if you register with us for “news” updates on our website. This means you will automatically receive occasional Rockabilly Radio emails announcing new features  and promotions. When you visit any page or service by Rockabilly Radio and listen to our channels, we and some third parties still collect certain non-personal information about you.  Listeners agree automatically to our Terms and our Privacy Policy by listening to our channels. The information we collect cannot be used to identify you personally, nor can it be used to spam or target you for viruses or other types of malware. Information provided voluntarily by you to Rockabilly Radio (or third parties acting on our behalf) also receive information about you whenever you voluntarily choose to email us, participate in a poll or survey, or respond to an advertisement appearing on our channels. For example, we collect information about you if you choose to submit music to us.

Your Listening History: We also keep track of connected devices owned by Listener’s listening activity including the channels you listen to and how long you listen to our channels. In addition, we keep track of data necessary to create and maintain your “Favorite Shows”  if you have chosen to create one on our official app or any of the third party apps that allow such an action.


B) Technical Information.

We also may collect listeners non-personally identifiable technical information through the use of log files on web and application servers that automatically create log files that can include your IP address, browser type, Internet service provider, date/time stamps, MAC address, file requested and other usage information although this information will be safeguarded and not be available to third parties other than for statistical purposes.

Rockabilly Radio WILL NOT sell your information to anyone.


C) Information about Your Devices.

We may gather information about various smart devices, computers and browsers stored on our servers including Internet Protocol (IP) address, browser type and other related hardware or software information. If you access Rockabilly Radio from a mobile phone, tablet, automobile or other electronic device, we may collect and store information such as device type, operating system version and type, unique identifiers (such as Android Advertising ID, VIN, MAC address, and IDFA), carrier, and other related information for that device.


D) Promotions and Contact Information.

Rockabilly Radio occasionally sponsors contests or promotions through advertisers or affiliate collaborations, that, should you choose to participate, require you to become a registered listener. We will collect certain contact information including your name, mailing address and phone numbers. Each contest or promotion is governed by its own terms and conditions in addition to this Policy and, if you choose to participate, you should also review the contest or promotion’s terms and conditions prior to becoming a registered listener.

Rockabilly Radio (.net) makes every effort to ensure that the information we collect about you cannot be used to identify you personally, nor can it be used to spam or target you for viruses or other types of malware.


E) Information Collected from Third Parties

What is Third Party Information?

Rockabilly Radio (.net) may collect or receive information about you from third parties (i.e., firms not directly owned by or affiliated with us, but with which we have an agreement relationship) and store it on our servers with other information we may have already collected or received from you.

These third parties include

  • Marketing companies and data providers that create, maintain and distribute professional marketing lists or segments, or maintain and distribute marketing or similar data.

  •  Companies that work with us to serve advertising by collecting and maintaining information on customers and who may provide Rockabilly Radio (.net) with information about those customers, so that we can more effectively serve advertisements and marketing offers to you.

  • Service firms that we hire to provide or make available advertising, features and functionality through our channels or assist with email campaigns.

  • Social media websites (e.g, Facebook), applications or services that you use, or firms that interact on social media websites on our behalf through them, who we may permit to interact through Rockabilly Radio (.net) and who may provide helpful personalisation or information.


We may also use Google Analytics Advertising features to collect  information using Google identifiers, in addition to information collected through standard Google Analytics implementation.

Rockabilly Radio (.net) will never identify listeners or facilitate the merging of potentially identifiable information with non-personally identifiable information, collected through any Google advertising product or feature, nor will we distribute data that Google provides to us.

Rockabilly Radio (.net) assumes no responsibility or liability in the event a partner or other unaffiliated entity collects uses or shares any information about you in violation of its own privacy policy, our agreement with it or any other applicable laws, rules or regulations.


Section 2


Information Collected from Technology


A) First Party Cookies.

Rockabilly Radio (.net), like most Internet-based services, uses different kinds of  “cookies” to improve our service and to make your listening experience and use of our website more user-friendly The information we gather from first-party cookies is used entirely to improve our level of service and listening experience, track your return visits to our website and to our advertisers’ websites, authenticate you, collect and aggregate statistical information about all of our listeners, manage multiple instances of our music listening service in a single browser and, finally, identify the date and time you visited our website, updated your current IP address and identify the page or site that referred you to Rockabilly Radio (.net)

A first-party cookie can be either a “session cookie” or a “persistent cookie.” Session cookies expire automatically when you close your browser, but persistent cookies remain on your hard drive for an extended period of time. You may control the use of persistent cookies through your browser’s tools or help sections, but your rejection of the use of first-party cookies may limit your full use and enjoyment of Rockabilly Radio (.net).


 B) Third Party Cookies.

“Third-party cookies” are placed on listeners hard drives by advertisers and our third-party advertising partners who deliver ads to you on our website. These firms use third-party cookies to collect information about you including the number of times that you have seen an ad, whether you interacted with it, and to provide you with interest-based ads. You may control the use of third-party cookies using your browser’s tools or help sections, but we have no access to or control over third-party cookies placed on your hard drive by advertisers or third-party advertising partners.


C) Beacons and Tracking Pixels.

“Beacons” or “tracking pixels” are one-pixel by one-pixel images embedded on HTML content though are not  used by Rockabilly Radio


D) Local Storage.

We may use “local storage” to keep track of the song playing when your browser window intermittently reloads, and our statistical third-party partners detect your bandwidth speed for optimal audio playback. Your browser may implement HTML5 local storage under its own protocols, along with the ability to manage content stored within this local storage. You may review your browser’s privacy settings to manage the content stored in your HTML5 local storage.


Section 3


Data Collection

A) Information Collected by Rockabilly Radio (.net)

In General. In the case of listeners, we may use information and other data we collect about you (or some combination of date and/or information we can extrapolate from the totality of date and/or information we gather) and use it as follows to:

  • Create and facilitate seamless listening to music.

  • Personalize or target content to you so that what you see is relevant to you.

  • Use tracking data and aggregate listener demographics to analyze and measure website and channel usage and patterns to continuously build and/or improve your listening experience.

  • Send you information (including emails about our latest developments and features, as well as information about support and other relevant activities) that you have previously agreed to receive.

  • Report listening information, we only collect the information in bullet points  2, 3 and 4, above, but any such information is non-personal and cannot be used in any way to identify you personally.


B) Your Email Address.

Rockabilly Radio (.net) will never give or sell a listener’s email address to other companies or persons for their own marketing purposes. However, we may use your email address in the event that we need to inform you about technical issues, service updates or promotions that you have previously agreed to receive..


Section 4)


Information Collected by Third Parties


A) In General.

Rockabilly Radio will never share your personally identifiable information with third parties other than to:

  • Comply when you have clicked “yes” in response to a message that specifically provides that your email address or other information.

  • Permit you to participate in review or other forms of communication which you have elected to make public,

  • Measure and analyze your use of Rockabilly Radio (.net) by us internally or by third-party firms to measure how long and how frequently you are using Rockabilly Radio (.net) so that our advertising partners can measure advertising effectiveness, provided that any such measurement does not require, nor do we provide, any personally identifiable information about you to such third-party firms. We also take all reasonable precautions to ensure that any third party that handles non-personally identifiable information we collect cannot identify you personally, nor can such information be used to spam or target you for viruses or other types of malware.


B) Your Personally Identifiable Information.

Rockabilly Radio (.net) will never share a Listener’s personally identifiable information with third parties other than as specifically set forth in the Policy. There are rare cases, however, where we may share personally identifiable information if we need to:

  • Protect against fraud or facilitate risk management,

  • Comply with the law, legal proceedings or court orders,

  • Ensure the safety or security of Rockabilly Radio (.net) listeners, Rockabilly Radio (.net) or even members of the general public in extenuating or urgent circumstances.

  • Protect and defend Rockabilly Radio (.net)  legal and contractual rights or the legal rights of our business or advertising partners or affiliates.


C) Your Device(s) Data.

Rockabilly Radio (.net) may share information about the devices you use to listen to use with third-party vendors such as advertising partners or service providers.

This information may be shared so that we can track advertising conversion events, estimate our number of unique listeners, detect fraudulent activity, debug our service and provide you with more relevant advertising.

 If you use an iOS-based device to access Rockabilly Radio (.net), you may be able to limit them by enabling “Limit Ad Tracking” at

Similarly, if you use an Android-based device, you may be able to limit them by visiting


D) Anonymised Aggregated Data.

While our use of anonymised, non-personally identifiable information is not subject to restrictions under the Policy, Rockabilly Radio (.net) may use anonymised, non-personally identifiable information aggregated from your and other listeners’ personal information to share with third parties, advertising and business partners. This information may include un-identified demographic data, information about the devices from which Rockabilly Radio (.net) is accessed, un-identified location information, and information about the artists, songs listened to. We may use this information to analyze listening patterns or usage, improve your listening experience.


E) Rockabilly Radio (.net) Feedback, Interaction and Surveys

If you provide or post information, observations or opinions on any of our social media platforms or listener participation, any such information, observations or opinions can be read, collected and used by others who access them as they are regarded by those platforms as public domain, through have their own policies and procedures.. You are entirely responsible for the content of them. In the event that you request such information to be removed, we will attempt to do so, but in certain cases Rockabilly Radio (.net) may be unable to remove this information.


F) Data Integrity, Protection and Links to Other Websites

No Listener’s personally identifiable information will ever be used by us for purposes not specifically outlined in this Policy. We will take all reasonable measures to ensure that all of your personally identifiable information collected, processed or stored is protected from corruption, misuse or destruction and is always used solely for the purpose it was collected.


G) Other Websites’ Links. 

Some ads on our website may include links to other websites that we do not control and whose privacy policies may be more lenient than those outlined in this Policy. If you submit personal information to these websites, the privacy statements and/or terms and policies of these websites will control their use of your personal information. You are encouraged to familiarize yourself with the policies of any website you visit.


Section 5)


Listeners Residing in the EU/EEA

In General. If you reside in the EU/EEA, you have data protection options that you can exercise regarding the protection of your personal information, including the right to prohibit Rockabilly Radio (.net) (and the third parties that work with us to collect information like Google Analytics) from collecting information about you, the right to request (i) access to personal data that we collect about you, (ii) that we amend or update your personal information if it is inaccurate or incomplete, (iii) deletion of your personal information, (iv) that we cease collection your personal information on grounds relating to your personal situation, and (v) a copy of your personal data in electronic format and the right to transmit that personal data for use in another party’s service. You may still access and listen to Rockabilly Radio (.net) Audio Streams, but if you elect to prohibit us or our partners from collecting information about you (as described earlier in this Policy),what we serve to you will be less relevant and certain other services may be compromised or become unavailable. Your options and the mechanisms for selecting them are described below.


A) If you reside in the EU/EEA 

As a listener, you may continue under the terms of this Policy which permits us to store your information permitting you to receive information from us, etc, but you must affirmatively elect your data protection options but you must still affirmatively select your data protection options when you access our site.


B) Outside of the EU/EEA.

If you affirmatively elect to permit us to collect information about you in accordance with this Policy so that we can serve relevant information to you, some or all of the data collected in this regard will be transferred outside of and/or stored on servers in jurisdictions outside of the EU/EEA. Similarly, information we receive from users residing in the EU/EEA who nonetheless elect to prohibit the collection of their personal information may also have certain data transferred outside of and/or stored on servers in jurisdictions outside of the EU/EEA.


C) Listeners Outside of the United States Not Residing in the EU and EEA

Rockabilly Radio (.net) permits non-US persons to use and enjoy our service. However, this means that the information you submit to us may be transferred to the U. S. and processed by servers located in the U. S. (or other jurisdictions) and used by us in conformity with and for the purposes set forth in this Policy. If you are not a resident of the U. S. and do not reside in the EU/EEA, you hereby consent and agree that Rockabilly Radio (.net) may collect, process, use and store your information in conformity with this Policy, outside of your resident jurisdiction. In addition, U.S. laws and the laws of other jurisdictions where we or third parties may store information may provide different or more lenient levels of protection for your information than the laws of your resident jurisdiction.


D) Changes to the Privacy Policy

We continually evaluate our Privacy Policy and use all reasonable efforts to maintain policies within or superior to standard industry practice. Any material revisions to this Policy that we make from time-to-time will be posted upon their effective date and we may, at our sole discretion, notify our listeners of any revisions by email sent to the address you provided to us or by a general posting on our website. Unless an email or general posting provides otherwise, any revisions to this Policy will be effective immediately for new listeners and, in the event that  Rockabilly Radio (.net) has chosen to notify our listeners by email, fifteen (15) calendar days following the date of the email or general posting announcing such revision to the Policy.


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